Fees & Textbooks

There are several fees for taking the DLC 4th Class Power Engineering program. Some of these fees apply to all students while others apply only to some students. Below is a summary of the costs for the program and which students are required to pay what fees.

Course Fees:

The following students do not have to pay any course fees:

  • Students attending Sun West School Division schools
  • Full-time registered DLC students
  • Individuals who are not attending a school and are between 18 and 21 years of age.

Students attending schools outside of the Sun West School Division and students 22 years of age and older, pay the following fees:

  • $500.00 for each online course (4 courses @ $500 each = $2000.00 in total)
  • $375 for the textbooks for the Part A courses (A1 and A2)
  • $375 for the textbooks for the Part B courses (B1 and B2)

TSASK exam fees

Power engineers must be certified by an authorized regulatory body; in Saskatchewan, that agency is the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan (TSASK). In order to meet the requirements for certification, students must pass two TSASK exams. All students must pay the fee to TSASK for taking these exams, which will be approximately $110.00 for each exam.

Steam time fees

All students will pay steam time fees, which are paid directly to Saskatchewan Polytechnic. The cost of steam time will be approximately $2500. This cost is significantly lower than the standard costs for steam time due to the 80 hours of training provided by the DLC through the lab component.