Online Courses

4th Class Power Engineering Courses

A major component of the DLC 4th Class Power Engineering program are four online classes taught by Carla Lorer. Click here for a short description of each course.

Successful completion of the DLC Power Engineering program requires:

Completing all four online courses with a minimum mark of 65% in each course

Online exams are given throughout each course and these are used to determine a final mark. While a mark of 65% in each course is required for certification, all students who earn a final mark of 50% or higher will receive a Saskatchewan high school elective credit for the courses they complete.

Passing two provincial certification exams administered by TSASK

Power engineers must be certified by an authorized regulatory body; in Saskatchewan, that agency is the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan (TSASK). The DLC program is recognized by TSASK and follows the Standardization of Power Engineer Examinations Committee (SOPEEC) curriculum, so students who successfully complete all components of the DLC program will meet the requirement for 4th Class certification.

In order to meet the requirements for certification, students must pass two TSASK exams. The Part A exam is written after completion of the A1 and A2 courses, while the Part B exam is written after completion of the B1 and B2 courses. These exams are administered by TSASK, and take place in Saskatoon and Regina, as well as other locations, throughout the year. There is a cost to these exams that must be covered by the student. Click here for more information on fees.

Signing up for courses

Signing up for a Power Engineering course requires a DLCgo account. If you have taken DLC courses in the past you will already have an account and can click here to sign in.

If you have not taken a DLC course in the past, you will need to create a DLCgo account in order sign up. Click here to sign up for a DLCgo account.